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What is graphology?

Similarly, as there are no two individuals on the planet with a similar DNA, there are no two individuals on the planet with similar handwriting. Your handwriting contains the narrative of yourself, and graphologists are the individuals who can peruse this story, and translate it for you. Graphology is the analysis of the brain’s subconscious expression through the medium of handwriting.

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It has been proved as the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient than any other personality test. Interestingly, half the graphologist do not have Psychology background. Graphology can reveal persons character, nothing is hidden to a trained eye. Graphologist can see a person's best and worse.

Our Services

Handwriting Analysis

You'd be surprised to see what a handwriting analysis says about you.

Signature Analysis

Your signature analysis might have a lot to say about your personality.

Lovers Compatibility

Bingo! If you already have a partner, however, it helps you determine whether or not you and your partner are a perfect match in terms of personality.