Questions Black

Questions Black

Happiness is me being accumulated by outer things, the earth is my mother, but I have billions of sisters and brothers. Who am I?

Happiness is having an unbreakable bond, yet you are afraid of me sometimes. Who am I?

The state of being happy.

A specified kind of nourishment

Difficult to find, catch, or Count.

What you are when you smile, laugh

A quality of being willing to do something

Happiness is having me. I am the one who makes you laugh, makes you cry, make you young is born in an instant, and yet lasts a lifetime. Who am I?

Happiness is gazing at me, sometimes new sometimes blue never empty but sometimes full, I never push, always pull. Who am I?

One by one we fall from heaven down into the depths of your mind, with determination and hard work you can bring us to fruition and happiness you will find

Did you get them all?

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