Let's increase the Happiness Quotient of your Workplace

A theme-based monthly stressbuster & engagement box for workplaces, designed to elevate employee's happiness in a meaningful way.

What’s in the Happiness Infuser Box

  • Each box will be packed with 3 festive or internationally celebrated day theme. Also every month, your organization will receive a different set of activities to your employees
  • Master manual, this one helps you in when to carry out these engaging activities. Each activity has its own Instruction manual, which makes your work easy and smooth in carrying out the activity
  • Engaging materials which will be the best accompaniment for your employee’s happiness
  • Box is designed in a way that you don’t need to hustle to get anything from outside. Every single thing required to carry out the activities is inside the box
  • The box is designed in a meaningful way that your employees are bound to experience organizational happiness, team happiness and happiness at the individual level

pricing package


Months Subscription

  • Per Box For 100 Employees
  • Per Box Rs.1499911999
  • You Pay Rs 4499735997
  • Save 20%


Months Subscription

  • Per Box For 100 Employees
  • Per Box Rs.1499910999
  • You Pay Rs 8999465994
  • Save 27%


Months Subscription

  • Per Box For 100 Employees
  • Per Box Rs.149999999
  • You Pay Rs 179988119988
  • Save 44%

How Happiness and Engagement wins at workplace?


Times decrease in absenteeism


higher sales


increase in E-Sat by close work friendships


higher productivity


higher creativity

About Us

How We Make A Difference?

In the world of measuring KPIs and KRAs but we forget to measure the real gold that is "Happiness", so here we come with this secret recipe to calculate, measure and elevate your workplace's happiness quotient. In five years down the line when employee engagement would be evolving in employee experience, our team has gone one step further of the employee experience which is discovering employee happiness. We don't repair just the exterior but we hit hard on the core of your people that is their happiness with our ultimate solutions.


Why Choose Happiness Infuser


Elevate happiness quotient

Our team has carried out 600+ brainy activities which helps discovering self, experiencing new mode of healthy relationships at work and elevating organizational bonding

Promote close work relationships

Our Happiness Infuser hits the right cord with its seven driven approach (Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, Spiritual & Occupational Happiness) and all these elements in just one box

Perfect stress buster

We have got you covered with every element needed for employee engagement. Be it activities for team bonding and festivals, Materials required, post activity evaluation/survey and calculate your organizations happiness quotient

Celebrate the essence of occasions

Our team is here to do every bit your behalf in terms of employee engagement. Let us brainstorm, design, create and assemble. In meanwhile you sit back watch your employees getting happy with saving your 90% of time

Designed by Employee Engagement Experts

Instead of investing in an employee engagement team and material required to carry out the activity, you can invest your valuable money in areas that will grow your business


Happiness Infuser is ideal for the Organization

Who has hurdles in attracting talent

Which lacks team bonding & low employee engagement

Where Low Retention & High Attrition is a continuous obstacle

Who aims to increase their productivity

That is striving to create a Happy Workplace


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